Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Medical Health Screening...

How are you guys?? Hope doing good n better...I got nothing much to say..nothing much to nag..nothing much to express..n nothing much to show...hehehhee...the only thing is, I'm sick...sick..sick..sick..sick..n's been a long time..I think since past 3 month already...Dunno how to explain it..went to see a doctor..but only they can say is..that I'm having headache because of tense n stress...hurrrmmmm....:(

It's true?? hurrrrmmmmm...well I don't think so...coz they tried lots of medicine on me..but none of them works...example like last Friday..I got my headache since morning after I woke up till night b4 I went to bed...I already took the medicine...I already drank lots of plain water (as per what my parent said, headache may be cause of lack of water inside ur body..n oxygen cannot circulate to ur brain..), but nothing happened..still with the headache...for 17hours...huk3...what a nightmare...

So, this morning..I decided to call Ampag Puteri Hostipal to check about the Medical Health Screening n luckily I can bill everything straight to ISKL..YAHOOOOO!!!...need to set an appointment but still wait for the suitable date n time..the staff at Ampang Puteri said that the best timing to come n do the screening is in the morning..and it will take half to full day..Hope after this everything will be okay...

So,that's all for today n right now...will update more later..see ya...Assalamualaikum n have a great day...;)

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Hamida Akter said...

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