Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday...Cold Day

huhuhuhuh....elllow...like usual, this week i feel so sleepy...raining pouring every single time that it can...so..4 today..nothing special that i would like to jot down...so, bye bye...sleep time...gud nite...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Come Again

Erm...mornink to all...hu3..d day come again...MONDAY...a lazy day..a stress day..a happy day..a drizzling day...a kring kring day...people will be all of the sympthom on MONDAY..MONDAY..MONDAY...hope tomorrow won't be MONDAY...

Sunday, August 10, 2008


erm..what a wonderful mornink..today is the day..10th of August 2008 - my 4 month relationship celebration..huhuh..it was so fast..didn't realize it..happy..excited..n lots more..hope today will bring lot of happiness to me...i pray so hard to forget everything bad that happened from the beginning till now..hope the future will clear to us to be a great couple..i wish so hard for this..I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DEAR...4 EVA N EVA..

Friday, August 8, 2008

Memories in Penang

Hi all,

Just come back from holiday and attend international dragon boat competition..went to Penang n Kedah wit ma LOVER n also my best friend...we had lots of happy time together there..don't want to erase all those memory..lots of activity had been done..

We had our karaoke nite on the first nite at Penang @ Cititel n after that str8 to a club under the Bayview Hotel..so happening there...till 3 am..

Our second day a bit gloomy, coz it was raining that morning..cold n windy...huhuhuhu...on that day, we hang out at Gurney Plaza..chill out together....at nite there was a big party @ PISA for those who are involve in the competiton..it was so happening...

I won't forget the excitment that happend in Penang for whole my life..