Monday, May 18, 2009

The Best Oil for Your Cooking

Knowing what cooking oil to use is like knowing what baby name to choose. With so many options, where do we even begin? At Serious Eats, we have some pointers.

Canola: Nutritionists recommend staying away from canola oil whenever possible. It has been linked to vitamin E deficiency and heart disease, plus it goes rancid easily. But if it's all you have lying around, it's pretty all-purpose, and most commonly used in baking and sautéing.

Olive: Ideal for salads, Mediterranean and Italian dishes (like pesto), and of course bread-dunking. Some recommended olive oil brands include: Carapelli, Whole Foods 365 brand, Berio, or the giant Kirkland brand jug from Costco, which should last you months.

Grapeseed: A bit pricy, but keep in mind, grapeseed oil lowers cholesterol. Use it when you'd use olive oil, and since it has a higher smoke point, it's also good for frying and sautéing. (And the super special bottles will involve an elephant spout.)

Peanut: Not the best one for you (lots of monounsaturated fatty acids in there). But when the time comes for stir frying and deep frying, throw a little in there.

Sesame: The vitamin E-rich oil adds a nice smoky flavor to foods, especially in meat and chicken. Make sure to keep it in the fridge. Usually the darker the oil, the more sesame-y the taste.

Soybean: It's in so many packaged goods (margarine, salad dressings, and mayo), odds are you're digesting it right now.

Walnut: The FDA is pretty pro-walnuts. They have said that "supportive but not conclusive" evidence shows that "eating 1.5 ounces of walnuts a day ... may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease." So go for it oil form. Throw walnut oil into salads or finish off a fish dish.

Friday, May 15, 2009

How To Sniff Out A Liar

There are plenty of dangerously skilled liars--and not just the Bernie Madoffs and Jeffrey Skillings of the world. Indeed, under the right (or wrong) circumstances, we're all guilty fibbers.

According to an oft-cited 1996 University of Virginia study led by psychologist Bella DePaulo, lying is part of the human condition. Over the course of one week, DePaulo and her colleagues asked 147 participants, aged 18 to 71, to record in a diary all of their social interactions and all of the lies they told during them. On average, each person lied just over 10 times, and only seven participants claimed to have been completely honest.

To be fair, most of the time we're just trying to be nice. (When your wife asks if you enjoyed the dinner she cooked, most husbands who know what's good for them say, "It was delicious.") Such "false positive" lies are delivered 10 to 20 times more often than spurious denials of culpability, according to DePaulo's research. Other studies show that men and women lie with equal frequency, though women are more likely to lie to make other people feel good, while men tend to lie to make themselves look better. As for who we hoodwink, "we lie less frequently to our significant others because we're more invested in those relationships," says Jeffrey Hancock, associate professor of communication at Cornell University.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Part 2 : ThUrSdAy AgaiN..

Aduh...claim aku x lepas...f**k punya supervisor...asal lak ko nk wat aku cam nih...x leh tgk org nk claim ker??asal ada org nk claim jer...trus reject...pas tu bg alasan mcm sial..bengang aku jdnya...dh la tgh kering nih...leh lak dia wat cam ni lak...aduh...TENSION tul la...

Apa la aku nk wat skg nih...dh la supervisor aku x der kat sini...kalo ader leh gak nk bw bergaduh..huhuhu...nk kena berjimat la aku start dr ari ni...dugaan sungguh...huhuhu...

ThUrSdAy AgaiN....

Hari Khamis dh muncul kembali...ari ni penentu tuk aku...penentu sama ada claim aku approve or x..Kalo x, habis la ner aku nk balik N9 nih...huhuhuhu...keje lak melambak atas meja aku...aku pun x tahu la nk wat cam ner...esok dh Jumaat...semestinya jap lg my mom akan call, tanya balik or x...huhuhu... nk log report x send lg..MSO 1350 x siap key in lg..kalo skit x kt 900 bijik... :(
kalo x siap...aku gak yg kena...huhuhu...TENSION ner ek...nk kena mula slow2 nih...kalo x, masak aku nk apa2 pun..aku rasa leh siap kot sebelum esok...jng lew ada sesapa nk menggangu aku...(HP harus d switch off nih)...

Skg ni pun dh hbs waktu lunch nih...menatang MSO 1350 ni ada lg 650 bijik...huhuhu...apa lg ek??apa lg yg blom aku wat...oh ya...x ngadap "sultan mangkat d julang" lg nih...adeh..sah2 "sultan mangkat d julang" tgh cr nih...better aku stop n g jumpa dia jap la...kang ngamuk satu opis ni, susah lak aku...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good Morning...

Good Morning

Good morning,
Good morning love,
It's my favorite love song,
I waited all night long,
(verse 1)
Before you get into the shower,
Before you worry about your hair,
Baby give me one more hour,
I want you to stay right there,
I dont wanna lose a moment,
I dont wanna miss a kiss,
If i could plan the perfect day, love,
Then i would start it just like this,
Good morning,
Good morning love,
It's my favorite love song,
I waited all night long,
For morning,
Good morning love
Before we start the day dear,
Im whispering in your ear,
Good morning.
Now baby how can i commence you,
I'll make it so you can't resist,
Whatever else you have to do now,
It can't be half as good as this,
I'll case you underneath the sheets, love,
And i won't let you get away,
The day won't be complete, love,
Unless we get a chance to say,
Open your eyes,
See my son rise,
I feel you're scared,
Day breaks so sweet,
When you're next to me,
So stay each night,
So each morning will be,
Let's get lost together,
I will smile forever(x2),
Was morning