Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lunch Time...

Hi all,

Yesterday was my happiest day ever I had in this month..I had lunch at The Royale Bintang Hotel, Bukit Bintang with someone that I really missed...last met them 14 years ago and at that time I was only 11 years old..and now is my second time to meet them..they still look same like b4..I mean 14 years back..their figure..their style...so, lovely to meet again..

Want to know who that persons??

They are my parent friends a.k.a my adopted Granny and Grandad from Australia, they just arrived Malaysia yesterday morning and stayed at The Royale Bintang Hotel for 2 days and then will fly to Penang till 11th Nov and be back to Australia after that.Miss them so much...huhuhu...

Here their are :

Grany Beth and Grandad Ted

Hope to see you again this Christmas..with lots of present...hehehe....

Okay guys..got to go...will update later with new story of me...bye..da..chow..